Did You Know that One-Third of Californians Receive Health Care Through Medi-Cal?

Wewill continue to resist any efforts to reduce funding for the Medicaid Expansion that was created through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the following reasons:

The Medicaid Expansion has proven to be one of the most important aspects of the ACA, providing comprehensive coverage to some of the most chronically ill people who have no other healthcare options.

The cost of the Medicaid expansion is shared among federal, state, and local governments, so that collectively everyone is invested in lowering costs and improving care. Continuing this under a per capita cap or a block grant is not possible.

 California’s providers in public and private hospitals, private practices and safety net health centers have embraced Medicaid Expansion because it’s allowed millions of Californians to get covered and receive comprehensive health benefits for the first time. 

 Community Health Centers are the primary care provider to more than 54 percent of the Medicaid beneficiaries in California who gained coverage under the ACA.

More than one-third of Californians are Medicaid beneficiaries.