Senate "Health Care" Bill released: Contains Devastating Medicaid cuts

Despite promises to create a "better" repeal and replace bill than the House version, the bill that Senate Republicans released today contains devastating Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) cuts.  It slows the elimination of the Medicaid expansion, which delays the pain past the time when some legislators must face their constituents, but would still result in millions becoming uninsured.  The Medicaid program would be capped or block granted to the states, and the rate of growth in this bill is lower than the health bill, and far lower than the reality of health care costs.  


What can you do?

Thank our Senators Feinstein and Harris and our Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier for continuing to stand up for the Health of all Americans.

Contact friends, relatives and colleagues in Republican Senatorial Districts and House districts (since the bill will need to be reconciled with the House) and ask them to contact their Republican members to remind them that the health of people in their district will be impacted by this bill.

Write down your story or the story of patients you know and send it to  Our Senators need these stories to defend Medicaid and therefore keep community clinics thriving. 

The picture here ( (Photo: Screenshot/CNBC)  is of protesters with disabilities being carried away from Senator Mitch McConnell's office hallway.