No Sunlight on Senate Health Bill

A small group of Republican Senators are reportedly putting together a Senate Version of the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act.  Although they are trying to take a vote on it before the July 4 recess, they are keeping the details carefully guarded, not even sharing information with fellow Senators.  It is likely, however, that it will provide a devastating blow to Medicaid and therefore to the patients we serve. 

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has put together a chart based on predictions about the Senate Bill.  The House version of the bill was so damaging that we run the risk of policymakers seeing it as a baseline.

What can you do?

Thank our Senators Feinstein and Harris for continuing to stand up for the health of all Americans.

Contact friends and colleagues in Republican Senatorial Districts and House districts (since the bill will need to be reconciled with the House) and ask them to contact their members.

Write down your story or the story of patients you know.  Our Senators need these stories to defend Medicaid and therefore keep community clinics thriving.