#Health4All Today! Facebook Live with Immigration Attorneys!

TODAY, February 21 at 6pm (PT) we're going LIVE on FB & Instagram to answer your questions about immigration with UndocuMediaSons and Brothers, and The California Endowment

Immigration attorneys Rebecca Medina, and Salomon Zavala, as well as Iván Ceja & Justino Mora of UnDocumedia will be available to answer your questions about Executive Orders, the redefinition of "Criminal" within the immigration system, #KnowYourRights & any other questions you might have. There will be English and Spanish question and answer sessions. Please find the event and registration details below. Stay informed! #StayLoud!


SUBJECT: Facebook Live with Immigration Attorneys

Q&A in English at 6:00 PM (PT) 
Q&A in Spanish at 6:30 PM (PT)

DATE: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TIME: English 6:00pm - 6:30pm / Spanish 6:30pm - 7:00pm


Ivan Ceja, UndocuMedia

Justino Mora, UndocuMedia

Attorney Rebecca Medina, Law Offices of Attorney Rebecca Medina

Attorney Salomon Zavala, Ollin Law


California Endowment, Facebook

Sons & Brothers, Facebook & Instagram

UndocuMedia, Facebook & Instagram


The #Health4All Team