SFCCC Graduates its 21st Community HealthCorps/AmeriCorps Team!

SFCCC has participated in the Community HealthCorps National Direct AmeriCorps program since its inception in 1995 and in July we graduated our 21st class of Community HealthCorps/AmeriCorps members!  Collectively this team of 21 members provided over 35,700 hours in service to underserved San Franciscans in need of culturally competent, quality health services.  These members expanded access to services that would have otherwise not been provided or to patients that would not have otherwise accessed these services. 

This 2015-2016 program year our members provided health education and health-related information to over 4,500 patients and enrolled over 600 patients into insurance or health access programs.  Most of our members have begun graduate or masters-level programs after their terms of service ended; two of which are attending medical school at UCSF and one is in the Masters Entry Level Nursing Program at UCSF, one member received a full-ride scholarship to UCLA’s PRIME program and another received a Dean’s list scholarship to his medical school program at Duke.  We also had 5 members that have been hired in positions in community health in San Francisco, continuing their legacy of service by increasing access to quality health services for San Francisco’s most underserved.  We couldn’t be more proud of our 2015-2016 San Francisco Community HealthCorps Members and we’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of them for their amazingly dedicated year of service to our SF community!