VET SOS Featured in Article During Local Media's Homeless Project Week

On June 30th on reporter Eve Batey wrote a thoughtful article entitled"Pets Of Homeless People Provide Huge Benefits, But Often Keep Them On The Streets," that featured SFCCC's VET SOS program.

Excerpts from the article:  "Rick is the only one who has ever really loved me," a man named Sam told me as he sat on a sidewalk at the end of Judah Street in the Outer Sunset. "The only one I've loved who hasn't ever hurt me," he said.

Rick, a three-year-old Chihuahua mix, sat in Sam's lap, drifting in and out of sleep.

"I don't know what I'd do without him," Sam, a self-described "outdoor sleeper" who declined to give his last name, said, as he rubbed Rick's head. "I don't always take good care of myself, but I always take good care of Rick."

 "Not only are the monthly vet clinics a good way to ensure that pets cared for by homeless people are in the best possible health, they are also a "great tool to connect humans to care," Rittenhouse-Dhesi says. Deena Lahn, SFCCC's Vice President for Policy and Advocacy agrees, saying that many times, ... (humancentric) street outreach teams will be rebuffed by homeless people, .." But these same people will seek care for their companion animals, and that's when a bridge can be built, as once they build a relationship with their vet and see "that they aren't being judged," they will open up to SOS volunteers about the health care needs they, themselves are facing."

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