Action Needed on State Budget Request to Support the Primary Care Workforce

As part of our work with the California Primary Care Association, SFCCC has joined many other organization to call for the appropriation of $100 million in the 2016-17 State Budget to support and expand primary care residency training and programs to recruit providers to practice in medically underserved areas.  The Advocacyis working! The State Senate and Assembly have each approved the primary care workforce budget request.  The final step is for the Legislature to approve of a combined budget and convince the Governor to support the primary care budget ask too. If the State does not step in to backfill the tens of millions of dollars in cuts facing residency primary care residency programs, more than 150 family medicine residency slots could be compromised. WE NEED YOUR HELP AT THIS CRITICAL FINAL STAGE TO ENSURE OUR VOICE IS HEARD ON THIS ISSUE!
Today, we ask that you send a strong message with social media and written word. 
1. Social Media: Using Twitter and/or Facebook post here.

2. Submit a Letter to the Governor:  Use the language in this letter to submit through the Governor's communication portal here. Choose "Budget Proposal - 2016-17" from the drop down subject menu. Deadline for submission is COB June 14, 2016.  

3. Call Leadership: Call Speaker Anthony Rendon (916-319-2063) and Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (916-651-4024). Thank them for including this critical funding to address the tens of millions of dollars in cuts facing California’s primary care residencies. Urge them to fight hard for it in negotiations with the Governor to support all primary care residency, including our Teaching Health Centers.

Call Deena Lahn at 415 355-2262 if you have any questions.