Pursuing Coverage For All Californians

In an important step towards #Health4All, yesterday Covered California’s Board of Directors approved the process to seek a federal waiver that would allow all Californians, regardless of immigration status, to be able to buy coverage through the Covered California Exchange. The ACA specifically excluded undocumented immigrants from purchasing insurance through health care exchanges, even without government subsidies.  This means that the many families with mixed immigration status in California cannot cover the entire family, and also that undocumented immigrants can buy insurance directly from a health plan or broker but not through Covered California– a situation that does not make sense for people or the financial health of the Exchange.


Covered California’s approval is the first step.  The State Legislature would need to pass and the governor would need to sign enabling legislation and the Federal government would need to approve a waiver. We are excited about this positive development movement towards #Health4All.