Health Highlights of Governor's May Revise

Yesterday, the Governor released the  May revision of his 2015-2016 budget proposal, which  reflects a $6.7 billion increase in General Fund revenues compared to the January Budget.   Proposition 98 requires that $5.5 billion of the $6.7 billion will go to K‑12 schools and community colleges, while Proposition 2 requires that  $633 million be dedicated to the Rainy Day Fund and $633 million to pay down debt.

Total Medi‑Cal enrollment is now projected to be 12.4 million in 2015‑16, or nearly one‑third of California’s total population.  Positive news is that the Governor has, acknowledged current law by including funding for full-scope Medi-Cal for Californians newly eligible under the expansion of the deferred deportation program that President Obama has proposed.


The Governor did not include funding for Health for All - the proposal to make all undocumented Californians up to 138% of poverty eligible for full scope Medi-Cal or  restorations of  previous Medi-Cal rate cuts.





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