UCSF Launches Knowledge-Sharing Network to create "Champions" for Hepatitis C Care

At least 750,000 Californians are infected with hepatitis C, many of whom are unaware. Providers who areskilled in screening, evaluation and treatment are urgently needed. The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) is launching HCV ECHO in California to create an expanded community of healthcare providers with expertise in the care of patients with hepatitis C.

ECHO is an interactive, knowledge-sharing network with an academic “hub” of experts supporting the education and training of primary care providers in their communities (the “spokes”). The exchange of knowledge between “hub and spokes” occurs via weekly videoconference , on-demand CME webinars,  sharing of best practices, e-newsletters, and longitudinal mentoring to build primary care providers skill and confidence in implementing HCV screening and treatment guidelines.

Health Care providers are invited to join the UCSF HCV ECHO community.   Providers should sign up now athttp://goo.gl/forms/rxMGDPlBae  The first HCV ECHO “clinic” will be starting this fall.

If you have questions or desire more information, contact HCVecho@ucsf.edu