Women’s Health and Mindfulness (WHAM) Training for CHC Staff

The WHAM Cultural Competency Training is Lyon-Martin Health Services' one-hour training for CHC staff on three main areas of cultural competency: sexual orientation, gender identity and body size. This training focuses on educating CHC staff members on how to provide culturally competent care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender patients as well as patients across diverse ranges of body sizes, especially patients of size.

Trainers are Dawn Harbatkin, MD of Lyon-Martin Health Services and WHAM Project Coordinator Natalie Ingraham, who have an in-depth understanding of the importance of LGBT and body size cultural competency and its vital role for our community clinics, our patients and the environment in which we work.

For more information, go to: https://sfccc.squarespace.com/events