October 1 Is Here – Enrollment Begins For Expanded Medi-Cal and Healthy California

The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (SFCCC) is excited that October 1, 2013, the first day of enrollment in expanded Medi-Cal and Covered California Health Exchange, is finally here!  The programs begin January 1, 2014, but if you enroll between today and December 15, 2013, you can get coverage starting on January 1.

SFCCC staff and our partner clinics are being trained as Certified Application Assisters. Since a large number of the patients who go to a SFCCC partner clinic are likely to be eligible for expanded Medi-Cal, SFCCC staff has been working with both the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Department of Human Services to develop the best procedures for processing Medi-Cal applications.   While Covered California is getting a lot of media attention, we want to make it clear that Medi-Cal is very important.  Of the approximately 117,000 uninsured nonelderly San Franciscans approximately:

  • 43% will be eligible for Medi-Cal.
  • 25% will be eligible for subsidized coverage in Covered California.
  • 17 % will be eligible for unsubsidized coverage in Covered California.
  • 16% will be ineligible for the expansions due to their citizenship status, and will continue to be eligible for Healthy San Francisco

San Franciscans looking for coverage should not worry which program they are eligible for, but should let the application assisters figure it out.  Healthy San Francisco, San Francisco’s health access program, will continue to provide critical access for most San Franciscan’s not eligible for the new programs. .

Wherever San Franciscans enroll, they will have a choice of health plan and provider.  Patients who want to be served at a community clinic should make sure to let their assister know.   For more information, please see the Q and A attached, the websites below, or call SFCCC’s Outreach and Enrollment worker, Melissa Carey at 415 355 2244 or mcarey@sfccc.org.  You can also call any of our 11 partner clinics to make an appointment to enroll.   Covered California’s on line application can be found at:


www.coveredca.com/es/    (Spanish)