Americorps National Direct 

Service Description

AmeriCorps National Direct members focus on direct service by assisting health center patients and community residents in San Francisco's culturally diverse neighborhoods to access and utilize available health resources to maintain and improve their health. They will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health education, outreach, referrals and enrollment into programs directly to community members while getting the skills they need to pursue a health profession. Required skills are dependent on placement site. Specific Member activities will include:

  • Outreach and Advocacy: Conduct outreach in the community (i.e. schools, community centers and shelters); provide education about available health resources and related programs, and health care options.
  • Enrollment: Assist individuals with the enrollment process for health programs and health insurance plans.
  • Improve Utilization of Health Services and Programs: Provide health education in one-on-one or group settings; assist individuals with navigating health related services/programs; transportation assistance; provide positive reinforcement of treatment plans and prevention goals; follow-up as needed.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Volunteer Training and Management: Assist with recruitment, training, and retention of non-AmeriCorps volunteers; assist with the management of non-AmeriCorps volunteers.
  • Service Projects: participate in various community service projects; coordinate and engage members in planning and participating in community service projects.
  • Training on health skills and resources as needed for placement, plus additional training as available. 

Currently we have members placed in 13 different placement sites throughout San Francisco. More information on the HealthCorps Service locations can be found here.

For additional information on the service our 2015-2016 members are currently providing check out our latest newsletter here

Program Benefits

We offer only full-time, stipended AmeriCorps positions. Currently our full-time members receive a $15,000 stipend for approximately eleven months of service (a minimum of 1,700 hours), and receive a $5,550 educational award upon completion of their term of service.  All members receive full medical, dental, and vision insurance; transportation assistance; and child care subsidies and student loan deferments during service are also available to those who qualify.

Service positions are available through the San Francisco Community HealthCorps as community health workers, health educators, outreach workers, and more. Members serve a wide variety of people in San Francisco’s diverse, under-served communities, including children, youth, women, and patients who are homeless, disabled, HIV-positive, or in need of diabetic care.

Recruitment Information

We are currently recruiting for our 2016-2017 program year and will be looking to fill 22 positions.  ALL POSITIONS ARE CONTINGENT UPON FUNDING AND MEMBER ELIGIBILITY.  We will be accepting applications from February 10, 2016 through the end of May 2016.   All applicants must apply through the online system and submit your application to “Community HealthCorps-San Francisco”.  Please also make sure to complete our supplemental application available here.  Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed, so please make sure you submit BOTH the AmeriCorps application and our supplemental application. 

Our program year runs from mid-September to the end of July and our members are expected to fulfill 1700 hours over this time.  In order to fill our positions by September we need to begin recruitment in the early Spring, but we do not find out about funding allocations until mid-May, maybe even early June so all positions are contingent upon funding notification and tentative until funding confirmation is received.  

Once your COMPLETE application (AmeriCorps application and our supplemental application) is received your application will be reviewed by our Program Manager, who will make the preliminary decision whether or not your application is forwarded along to our placement sites for additional review and potential interviews.  Applications that have made it through the preliminary review process will be matched with our placement sites and sent to them mid-June.  Placement sites will contact candidates directly for interviews sometime between mid-June and early July, and we hope to have all our positions finalized by the end of July.    

How to Apply

1. Visit and click on "My Americorps"

2. Register to create your own personal account. Once you have applied to My AmeriCorps, you will get your own customized home page, where you can see the status of your application, update profile information and references, search for opportunities of interest, and submit your application.

3. Submit your completed AmeriCorps application via your My AmeriCorps account to Community Healthcorps-San Francisco. We will access your application through the portal and you will be notified when it is under review.

4. Complete our supplemental application via Survey Monkey. Click here to take survey.

Please be advised: AMERICORPS POSITIONS WILL BE SUBJECT TO A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK. Please consider this information before submitting your application.

For more information about any of the Americorps Programs at SFCCC please contact Sarah Gordon at (415) 355-2247 or