The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium


The community-based, non-profit partner clinics of the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (SFCCC) are cornerstones in San Francisco's health care delivery system. From 1956 to 1992, these clinics were created in under-served neighborhoods to ensure that people who are at greatest risk for poor health outcomes – due to such things as lack of insurance, low-income or homelessness – did not continue to fall between the cracks in our health care system.

In 1982, these clinics – recognizing their shared values and concerns – came together to form SFCCC, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. With SFCCC an organization was created that would allow these clinics to pool their collective resources – both financial and experiential – and would also serve as a vehicle to address their needs and interests, and those of their patients, to local, state and national policy makers.

SFCCC works to lead and support the partnership in four core areas, each with distinct programs; Access to Care; Workforce Development; Maximization of Limited Resources; and Health Policy. While SFCCC partner clinics focus on patient care, promoting individual health to preserve the well-being of the communities they serve; SFCCC promotes the health of our clinics – keeping them poised to adapt to a changing health care environment – so that their long-standing tradition of community care is preserved.

The SFCCC partnership (SFCCC with its partner clinics) provides primary care services to over 100,000 San Franciscans each year. Together we work toward a future vision in which all people have access to quality, community-based health care provided in a culturally, linguistically and population-sensitive manner. 

(To view SFCCC’s Diversity & Affirmative Action Policy click here).